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Asian Driving school is the Most popular Indian adult driving school - For More information call 214-230-7900

Why Choose Us

At Asian Driving School we believe we are the best!  But, how do you know that?  The fact is, not all driving schools offer the same quality of courses and instructors.  No two schools are the same.

Asian Driving School has seven locations serving Texas to give you a broad choice in meeting your needs.  We make registration simple and uncomplicated by offering everything necessary at your fingertips, online.

We offer flexible driving schedules to serve hectic lives and we accommodate special requests.

Our fees are straight-forward.  You will not be blind-sided with unexpected, hidden fees or surprises.  Also, all necessary classroom supplies and materials are included.

Our instructors are qualified, licensed and highly skilled driving instructors.

You are never forced to do anything you are not comfortable with.  We never insist you may need additional instruction and require more payment for it.  If you feel you need more time than the minimum six hours of road training, we will provide it.  Free of charge.

We teach people to drive!  We will never say that you have to have a certain amount of experience before you can enroll in our courses.  That is our job:  to teach you to drive.

At Asian Driving School, we take pride in educating community members to enter the roads confidently and safely.  Your success is our success.